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  • Social Media  photo booth

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iPad APP
Our social media iPad app is a truly scalable option for clients who want to give guests complete control of their own photo booth experience. Have one or many iPads on location so that guests can:

  • select which photos they want to have printed
  • email images to anyone including themselves
  • Post their photos to facebook and twitter in real-time

Simultaneously, clients can use this to collect their guests emails and extend their brand through email marketing. It is a win/win for everyone!

Our social media kiosk is a great way to engage guests. Have one or more 23-inch touchscreens so that your guests can:

  • Email the photo to anyone including themselves
  • Post to their facebook timeline and “like” your brand
  • Sign a virtual guestbook
  • Convert their images to black and white or sepia tone

In addition to being able to collect everyone’s email address, your brand page will be listed with every post!

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