Getting Creative

Having trouble thinking of a new Photo Booth idea? Maybe you have a theme for your event but are unsure of how to incorporate that into a Photo Booth. Leave it to Orange! Our team is constantly thinking of fun, fresh ideas, and we cannot wait to see them come to life. We even have ongoing internal lists where we brainstorm sets, concepts, props, and more.

Some of our ideas include:
– Slow Motion Outer Space
– Thunderstorm
– Black Light
– Iridescent Winter Wonderland
– Zombie (Halloween)
– Mad Scientist

If there is ever a new conceptual idea, we test it out right here in our studio. That is how we came up with the Slo Mo Booth, black light booth, and many of the fun theme ideas you can find right here on our website. Then, due to our level of experience, we are able to professionally execute these concepts into an amazing guest experience.

Take a look at some of our original booth ideas here!

Every booth has the option for on site prints. We provide various sizes, layouts, and branding options that can be customized to best fit your event needs.

Our print size options are 5×7 or 4×6. The 4×6 can also be trimmed in half to create two strips of 2×6.

You can choose how you would like the photos to be presented on the strip. Either 1 large photo taking up the entire space, 1 larger and 3 smaller photos, or 2 strips of 4 photos (easily cut to be shared or saved into a scrapbook!)

If you are having a personal event (ie. wedding or private gathering) we recommend having your name and date printed on the photo. If it is a corporate or sponsored event, we can overlay their actual logo. For videos (such as the Slo Mo Booth) it would be overlayed on the actual video clips.

Folder Frames
We offer elegant frames for the prints to slip into as a higher quality takeaway. These can be provided for all of the print sizes (5×7, 4×6, or 2×6) in either “basic” solid black or white, “custom single color” black or white with gold or silver text printed, or “custom full color” with a full specialty design of your choice.

Real Time Projection
Project your images onto a plasma TV or LCD projector as they are being taken.

Custom Email/Social Media Messaging
After guests take their photos, they can send them via email for sharing and posting. We can customize the body of that email to include marketing or follow-up information about your brand or event. Ask us about how we can customize the sharing messaging for Slo Mo and video booths as well.

We can provide 11×17 or any other size full color signs that sit beside the booth to inform guests of what they are about to experience. It is a fun way to brand the booth or display the “hashtag” for your event. Pair this with our instagram feature.

We have a large collection of standard and premium options for you to choose from to match your decor/theme.

We have a good deal of experience teaming up with the industry’s top furniture and decor providers and often set up our booths within an environment they set up. Particularly, we have teamed up with Blueprint Studios to offer three unique levels of “enclosures” for our booths.